Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Leadership Meme - Hourglass Style

For background, read this.

Then check out what others have posted on their blogs: Jamie Notter, Jeff De Cagna, Deirdre Reid, Maddie Grant, Bruce Hammond.

Now, here's my list. The top three things I've learned about being a leader.

1. Make a decision. Get the facts, consult with others, hear what those affected by the decision have to say—but at the end of the day you need to make the decision and take ownership for what happens next. Leaders act.

2. Raise your expectations. The leader in any system sets the bar for performance, either knowingly or unknowingly. Do it knowingly. Expect more of yourself and of those you lead. You won't break the system and you may be surprised by what can be accomplished.

3. Don't get distracted. You must consciously decide what to spend your time on. Time is the most limited resource you have and it must be spent wisely on the things that you personally can have the greatest impact on. Don't let the trivial events of the day distract you from the long-range plans that you must nurture if they are to succeed.


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