Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gen X Assets and Liabilities

Raines, Zemke and Filipczak have written a good book about Generations in the workplace. I particularly like that at the end of each chapter, they present an "Assets and Liabilities in the Workplace" section. I thought it was nice (and fair) to point out that EVERY generation has both assets and liabilities. Here's what they wrote for Generation X. Anything to challenge or add?


·       Adaptable

·       Technoliterate

·       Independent

·       Unintimidated by authority


·       Impatient

·       Poor people skills

·       Cynical


Jeff De Cagna/@pinnovation said...

These authors must be insane! Just because they don't see how corrupt the American workplace is and aren't frustrated by Boomers who won't give up their "ass ceiling," doesn't make me cynical, impatient and bad with people.


Maddie Grant said...

Poor people skills? They can sit and spin.


Toni Rae said...

Argh! We Gen-Xers are not the characters in Reality Bites!

"ass ceiling" made me laugh out loud...

JessieX said...

poor people skills? Hardly. GenX grow up in a world of self-indulgent adults and learn quickly to navigate The Adult World. This makes for a very sophisticated set of people skills. Genx values may not align with their two elder-generations but that's quite a different issue than "poor people skills."

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