Thursday, December 2, 2010

The World Database of Innovation--CLOSED!

I first stumbled across The World Database of Innovation in this HBR blog post from a few months ago. Like I often do when I find something interesting, I email it myself with a note to investigate it more deeply when I have time. The blog post is by Uri Neren, and it says:

The World Database of Innovation we are compiling, as a collaborative effort between my firm, Generate Companies, and several universities, represents over 20,000 hours of work to date. As well as over 200 in-depth case studies, it compiles the ideas of 4,500 or so innovation experts and consultancies.

And the website, when you go to it, says this:

Generate has discovered more than 105 areas of best practices in innovation. We are working in collaboration with innovation thought leaders from around the globe to collect their works in one place on each of best practice area of innovation including:

- Theories and Schools of Thought (14 distinct theories)
- Invention Methodologies (more than 162 discovered so far)
- Conditions for Innovation (17 aspects of culture)
- Tools for Innovation (5208 tools)
- Definitions of Innovation
- Stuctural Types of the Corporate Innovation Function
- Components of a Company's Innovation Function
- Statistics and Research
- Corporate Case Studies
- Myths
- Innovation Team Skill Sets
- Innovation Types Created
- Innovation Tools
- Innovation Tool Types
- and many more...

And I'm thinking, fantastic! Five thousand two hundred and eight tools for innovation! This is exactly the kind of resource I need to tap to help build the model of innovation for the association community I've been discussing on this blog and leading on behalf of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. How do I get into this thing?

If you would like to submit your best practice, consultant profile, or other research and materials for consideration to be entered in the database, please begin by using our contact form. All contributors will be given credit and will gain the chance for public recognition and to be matched with Generate's corporate clients.

What? Wait a minute, what's this? I have to apply to see what's inside this thing? The blog post and this website is just a sales pitch? What's on this contact form, anyway?

Please call or use the Generate Companies web form below. We'll get back to you quickly either way.

And then just fields to fill in for your name, email and phone number.

You know, this innovation thing is business commodity. And a proprietary one in some people's minds, evidently.


Unknown said...

I would just like to note that I had the same experience. I am very disappointed that HBR is associated with such a blatant marketing scam.

Eric Lanke said...


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