Thursday, May 28, 2009

Generation X and Center of Gravity

Last week on the GetmeJamieNotter blog I wrote a post about the laws of attraction. In that post I expressed some frustration with what I see as a traditional mindset of associations where the association is the "center of gravity." In this worldview, we as association professionals work hard to attract people or organizations into our fold. The association is at the center of the universe, with other stakeholders, groups, etc. rotating around it. 

I offered a different view, where the association is either attractive or unattractive to groups, but lacks that real gravitational pull. I suggested we should look around at what attracts US as an association and move in that direction.

I wonder if this perspective has any generational overtones to it? Is this a typical Generation X perspective? Being in Generation X, I'm used to not having "gravitational pull." There aren't enough of me, and we're not used to being listened to, so of course we have a decentralized view of the universe. Our influence is dispersed. This in contrast to the Boomers' stereotypical focus on causes and movements, on gathering enough people together to drive the change. The force of numbers.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Most excellent point on associations lacking "that real gravitational pull." Pretty much anything but tribe has pull for most GenXers, and "tribe" ... well, that's real different than "association."

Hey, are you connected at all with @maddiegrant and the Social Fish people in the DC area? Accckk! Just saw your blog roll. You are. OK, cool. Will RSS your blog.

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